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State of the City

June 5, 2013 was a historic day as City Council decided to purchase the 6.7 acres known as the Pulling Property on the Gordon River. This is a game changing event as this will be the largest park in the City and the entrance or exit for the Gordon River Greenway. In addition, Council appropriated […]

Caring Hands, Huge Hearts – Healthcare Network

It’s been said there are angels on earth masquerading as people. And many of them are working together through Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida and Youth Haven. No partnership doles out heartwarming goose bumps like the partnership between these two organizations. Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida is a private not-for-profit organization and provides primary medical […]

Exercising In The Heat

The summer weather in Southwest Florida is typically very hot and humid. August and September is always hot and usually a minor transition in weather occurs in mid-October. The average temperature in August and September is 93 degrees with a low of 74 versus 88 and a low of 69 in October. As in July, […]

Community Leader Looks Forward

A highly professional CEO walks briskly from her office, in a hurry to meet with the Board of Directors. But wait! She falls down on one knee….. and spontaneously smiles. She embraces two girls, inquires about their day, and leaves them delighted! And she expects her staff to do the same! What moves her to […]

NCH Hospital Ball

When the NCH Hospital Ball takes place at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort on Saturday, October 26, it will mark the event’s 55th year, the longest running fundraiser in Naples. What does this mean to our community? Since the year 2000 alone, this longstanding annual tradition has raised more than $5 million to provide area residents […]

First Baptist Academy for Life In Naples

Founded in 1996, First Baptist Academy (FBA) has experienced rapid growth to become one of the largest private Christian schools in Naples. The goal is to educate students for life, learning and leadership. FBA enrolls over 525 energetic students who represent SW Florida. The beautiful state of the art campus offers a plethora of opportunities […]

May-July 2013 Life In Naples Magazine

Read the May/June/July 2013 edition of Life In Naples     Turn pages by moving your mouse across the corners or clicking the arrow buttons. View larger by clicking on the full screen button on the right hand corner, or clicking on the image below. Email to your friends with the envelope logo. Print pages […]

New Website Launch

Life In Naples Magazine is continuously looking for better ways to serve their community and clients. Life In Naples has begun an aggressive launch of internet and social media platforms for easier use, sharing of information, and having the ability to reach people in their favorite way to be reached. To start the website is […]