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One for the Men

Naples is a fantastic place for men’s fashion, and this summer is no exception. Here are some of the latest fashion trends straight from the international runways and leading fashion experts. New summer fashion trends Bright colored pants are in! Think shades like mustard and watermelon. One collection, Paige, has even come out with a […]

Work Life Balance

The blurring of boundaries between work and life is real. It’s not going away. Much has been written over the years about “work-life balance,” but the challenges are even greater now in the digital age where we can be online and accessible 24/7. Prior to the information age with digital-everything, work and home life were […]

Black & Right

Seasoned diamond collectors have long known what some of us are beginning to realize. Diamonds come in colors. Colorless or ‘white’ diamonds are composed of just carbon. Natural color diamonds occur when trace elements are introduced in their formative stage. One of the more exciting ‘color’ diamonds today is black, which technically is not really […]

Fighting Fatigue

Probably the most common complaint of people today is fatigue. This is not a disease per se, but rather a major symptom of many disturbances. Unfortunately, fatigue must be dealt with generally as the single most presenting disorder, without much else to help in diagnosis. A list of causes can be very complex in its […]

Stepping Out for Scholarships

This fall local residents will be able to step out in high style while raising critical scholarship support for deserving students at Hodges University. Recently the institution announced the development of a new scholarship, “Advancing Today’s Woman Scholarship Fund,” aimed at helping local women who are planning to pursue their educational goals at the nonprofit […]

Join The Cause

Over a decade ago, one of Brian Hood’s college friends began to feel dizzy while playing a game of basketball. He then collapsed and fell unconscious. “It turned out that he had a very severe stroke at 27 years old,” said Hood, who is a project leader for Deangelis Diamond Construction Healthcare Group in Naples. […]

The Language of Music

We all have our favorite aspects of our lives in Naples – but for me, the most incredible is the bountiful array of wonderful cultural offerings. We were blessed over 25 years ago when a visionary brought us the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, and with it world class entertainment to a small corner of […]

State of the City

June 5, 2013 was a historic day as City Council decided to purchase the 6.7 acres known as the Pulling Property on the Gordon River. This is a game changing event as this will be the largest park in the City and the entrance or exit for the Gordon River Greenway. In addition, Council appropriated […]

Caring Hands, Huge Hearts – Healthcare Network

It’s been said there are angels on earth masquerading as people. And many of them are working together through Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida and Youth Haven. No partnership doles out heartwarming goose bumps like the partnership between these two organizations. Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida is a private not-for-profit organization and provides primary medical […]