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December Politics and Potpourri

by Councilman Bill Barnett Today is November 2nd, and as I write this December article for Life in Naples I find myself reflecting the many years that I have been writing articles month after month, year after year. As I finish each article and just before I hit the send button to send my article […]

The Human Touch

There is a primal reassurance in being touched, in knowing that someone else, someone close to you, wants to be touching you,” writes best-selling author Jim Butcher. “There is a bone-deep security that goes with the brush of a human hand, a silent, reflex-level affirmation that someone is near, that someone cares.” “Skin hunger” is […]

Making It Count

by John S. Cox, CCE, CEcD, IOM President & CEO Systemic change and multi-generational sustainability don’t happen in vacuums or by accident. Both are achieved by communities, which are, among other things, aspirational, intentional and relational. Communities which care about and self-determine their futures aspire to be better than they are, are intentional about becoming […]