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10TH ANNUAL KENSINGTON SALUTE TO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA VETERANS RAISES MORE THAN $128,000 FOR HOME BASE Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, members of Kensington Golf & Country Club have been successful in raising over $128,000 to benefit Southwest Florida veterans and families through its partnership with Home Base. This brings the 10- year total to well […]


FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT LAUNCHES NEW PODCAST SERIES FEATURING TOP COMMUNITY LEADERS The Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District (BID) today announced the launch of a brand-new podcast series “Movers & Shapers” featuring the community’s most influential business owners, restauranteurs, politicians, city officials, entrepreneurs and others speaking on topics of interest in the […]

This is Me: Five Students, Five Success Stories

by Dawn Montecalvo Forty miles separates downtown Naples from Immokalee. The economic, cultural and generational divide make the distance seem greater, so much that residents of each community rarely cross paths. Immokalee is a place where poverty and unemployment are high, and expectations historically have been low. For generations, youth have been discouraged from pursuing […]

Rhino Reflection

by Naples Zoo Director of Conservation Tim L. Tetzlaff Growing up reading books about Africa printed in the early 1900s, I felt like I held the yellow pages of history itself. But those authors saw only a slice of time. Later I would learn their tales of a Serengeti, unpeopled from time immemorial, were instead […]

Vaccine Vigilence

If you have been in the first group to receive the vaccine, it’s important to know what to do after being vaccinated. The vaccines offer hope, but do not mean the virus can’t still affect you and others. Until health officials say otherwise, everyone needs to continue with precautions. Avoid crowds. Wear a good mask […]

Get Set with a Smile

April 1st is celebrated around the world as a day of laughter and humor. From the holistic standpoint: you are as happy as your thoughts and emotions are. Think about this: it all starts in the morning when you open your eyes. The first feelings you acknowledge with your analytical brain –will be the emotions […]