A local aviation enthusiasts organization is offering Collier County youth an extraordinary learning opportunity at the Naples Airport.

Twenty-one youngsters, ages 10 through 17, are building an airplane under the guidance of volunteer mentors from EAA Chapter 1067.

Members of the 25-year old chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association are responding to the aviation industry’s critical shortage of pilots and technicians while also giving Naples’ young people an unprecedented head start on their future aspirations.

“Our chapter has been offering free flights for kids at our monthly Young Eagle Flight Rallies for years,’’ says Joan Zaleski, chapter President. “We meet so many youngsters with a real passion for aviation but with no opportunity to pursue their interest. We decided to find a way to give these kids real hands-on experience in the world of aviation, keep fueling their interest, and show them the many career opportunities that lie ahead for them if they apply themselves.”

The group estimates the project will take 18-24 months to complete. Since starting in early June, working four mornings a week, the ambitious youngsters have completed all of the tail sections, flaps, ailerons, wing ribs and much of the fuselage. Tool use, reading plans, metrics, and aerodynamics are just some of the skills and knowledge being gained throughout the process.

Patience, planning and teamwork are also emphasized. “Seeing these kids work together and help each other out has been great fun”, adds Zaleski. “These boys and girls, all different ages from all different schools and neighborhoods, sharing this common interest in aviation, have come together and formed an extraordinary team. Together they are building a real airplane that they will all eventually fly. How great is that?”

Plans for the Naples Youth Aviation Project started late last year and it was met with enthusiastic approval by the airport management who arranged for an appropriate hangar space at a reduced rate. Chapter members stepped up with donations of tools, time and cash.

The Sling Pilot Academy in Torrance, California agreed to sponsor the youth project with a rebate upon completion of the Sling 2 aircraft kit. Members and sponsors have already contributed half of the $100,000 cost of the project, but funds are still needed to purchase the engine and avionics.

The NYAP story does not end with the completion of the airplane. After the required test flights, each of the young builders will have the opportunity to fly the airplane. The airplane will then be sold.

Proceeds from that sale will be used to purchase another kit and the process will begin again with a new group of future aviators, making the project financially self-sustaining.

“These kids are awesome, and many of them will be mentoring the next group,’’ adds Zaleski.

Excess funds from the sale, which are expected, will be used to establish a scholarship fund. Naples Youth Aviation Project, Inc. is a Florida 501(c)(3) corporation. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated. See available sponsorships at their website, Mailing address is c/o EAA Chapter 1067 Naples, Inc., 160 Aviation Drive North, Naples, FL 34104.

Email at Follow their progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Inspirational Thoughts and Prayers – November 2019

Dr Neil Curley Author

I was born in a mixed neighborhood of many different ethnic and religious backgrounds just before World War II and remember as a youngster, that every family had someone in the military service—fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles—we all talked about keeping them in our prayers.

When the letter carrier made his rounds, everyone hoped there were no letters from the War Department. Prayers and church services were an important part of everyone’s life.

At a young age, we were led to believe in a higher power that impacted all of us.

During the Viet Nam era, as I completed college, serving in the military was viewed as something much less noble than when I was young. Public opinion seemed to change, and people protested the government.

I continued advanced education earning a master’s and a doctorate in psychology and Christian studies. Like so many young people, you begin to isolate and insulate yourself to your own future. You’re absorbed in advancing your own life. You become a bit numb to the religious and spiritual discipline you experienced as a child. You become more self-centered and focus on career, marriage and future life. The spiritual side doesn’t seem as important as everyday life that is full of new freedoms and experiences.

But as the years quickly pass along with many experiences once enjoyed, you begin to realize the society you grew up in has changed drastically and the future seems unclear. The world you had a chance to experience in work and travel is changing and becoming confusing.

This led to a revival of the spiritual side of my life and an awakening of my religious studies. It became important to share my ideas and prayers with others. While working in the Pacific Islands, I often was asked to begin a meeting with a prayer or join in spiritual sharing.

When my wife Joan and I relocated to Naples permanently, after being snowbirds for years, we joined a number of clubs and organizations to quickly become part of the community. I thought I was retired, but Collier County Public Schools made me a student counselor and I finally retired after ten more years in academia.

When I lectured or participated in different groups, I often was asked to give an invocation at the start of meetings. I did this for a number of years and still do.

It was Joan (the real author in the family) who urged me to put my inspirational thoughts in a book for others to read and enjoy. So, my new book has finally been printed and I hope that maybe it will awaken your spiritual side of life. Copies are available for sale direct from us and soon on Contact me at for a copy and I will mail it to you.

Why did I write this book of prayers? The answer is that observing the spiritual side of life today is very different from when I was growing up. I grew up in a community which was the same community my father and mother grew up in. Thus, one was among family no matter where you were in the community. It also meant that if you caused any trouble your parents were the first to know and punishment could be swift. However, all that changed as people have moved and we have become a more mobile people establishing ourselves in new areas of our country and the world.

Thus, the old family support roots are not there as they were before the 1950’s. The religious influence has also changed with the new age of social media. The concept of assimilation into one people has changed and we now see many citizens divided and the predominant Judeo-Christian religious principles of the early colonists in America has changed with the new population from many areas of the world that are not followers of the colonists’ religious principles.

What we seemed to have lost is the spiritual side of life—less emphasis on institutional religious teachings and less focus on the spiritual to guide our life and future. The concept of hell is no longer believed by many.

In my opinion, studying any complicated design theme is a creator; machines did not just come together. There was an inventor which stimulated the development. As I look at the complicated universe with its planets revolving in an orderly pattern and the sun and moon are consistently present around our earth; and the stars in the Universe presenting themselves consistently over millenniums make me believe there must be a higher power than the humans to invent such a glorious spectacle.

I believe that this higher power can help us during difficult times if we recognize this Divine Creator and reach to this deity in prayer. Humbling ourselves and letting this Deity know through prayer that we recognize and rely on this Divine Being will help direct our lives as we trust in the Creator.

As educators for over forty years, Dr. Neil B. Curley and his wife, author Joan J. Hanlon Curley, have lived in or traveled to 100 countries. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of New England, a Master’s from Boston State College, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Northeastern University and Ph.D. from United Faith Ministry and Ashwood University.

Dr. Curley also did advanced study at the University of Guam, University of New Hampshire and Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, Germany.

Dr. Curley serves as a board member of East Naples Civic Association, executive committee member of the Collier County Republican Committee, member of the Republican Men’s Club, the Naples Press Club and his college alumni associations. He is active in local political campaigns and lectures on the American Constitution to local clubs.

Naples Yacht Club Highlights Historic Murals by Paul Arsenault

For many years, a large mural by acclaimed local artist Paul Arsenault has delighted members and guests of the Naples Yacht Club with its depictions and tales of the town when it was just a small fishing village.

So when the Naples Yacht Club launched its recent $10-million renovation, it was agreed that the mural would become a centerpiece of the interior design of the new club.  And rather than keep the mural all in one piece, it was divided into three sections, each gracing a wall in a prominent venue of the club.

“This historical mural was commissioned by one of our founding families many years ago and has always been an important feature ofcour Club,” said Mike Mooney, General Manager for Naples Yacht Club. “We decided to relocate the mural to various locations within the new clubhouse so that no matter where you are within the new clubhouse, you will have a view of one of the wonderful scenes in the mural.”

The largest section of the mural is now hung in the club’s main ballroom and depicts the former Gordon Fish Camp located at the south end of Gordon Drive at Gordon Pass. This property served a variety of purposes, including dance hall in the early teens, campground/marina for boaters and fishermen, and as a base camp for commando training for the failed Bay of Pigs military invasion of Cuba.

This part of the mural also features the “hidden panther” that encourages young children to seek it out in the brush. Another section of the mural graces the private Founders Room which can accommodate groups of up to 20 people.

It is here that members learn about historic vessels like the “Mermaid of Carriacou” built in the Grenadines as a cargo cutter/yacht. The mural also shows an old building just southwest of the Naples City Dock that was originally built as a covered boat house and later transformed into a home.

In the new hallway where members and guests enter for large club events and private functions is a third section of the mural. It depicts the “Dauphine” sailing out via Gordon Pass. This friendship sloop belonged to Cottie Morse, whose father established the former Boat Haven dealership in Naples.

Off in the distance are three sailboats racing in a typical weekend scene between Naples and Marco Island.

A new mural was just recently added to this section by Arsenault depicting the historic Keewaydin Club at the north end of Keewaydin Island. The club was the main attraction on the barrier island just south of Naples and was owned by the family of Lavern Gaynor, who oversaw the painting of this last piece.

A native of Montreal, Arsenault grew up in Massachusetts where his love for the sea and travel emerged. Following graduation from The Art Institute of Boston in 1973, he began a six-month stint as deckhand on a research vessel.

Arsenault signed off in Florida the next year, and began his professional painting career.

With Naples as his base, Arsenault has embarked on painting trips throughout the world. His vibrant and widely collected paintings reflect a rhythm and pattern that distinguish his easily recognizable style. His lifelong pursuit to paint contemporary life in coastal communities like Naples is enhanced by his passion for history and his natural storytelling ability.

The Naples Yacht Club is the first and oldest private club in Naples. Located at the south end of 14th Avenue South in the Aqualane Shores section of Naples, the Naples Yacht Club was established in 1947 by three friends – Stephen Briggs, Benny Morris and John Glen Sample.

Today, the Club has more than 550 members and ranks sixth among the Top Yacht Clubs in America, according to Platinum Clubs of America.

The club’s extensive renovation was completed earlier this year. The restoration completely updated the clubhouse which was originally built on the site in 1960. The enhancements maximized views of Naples Bay and offer members expanded opportunities to enjoy outdoor dining and cocktails. The improvements also will enable the club to accommodate larger groups for private functions and member-hosted events.

Programs, Tours and Events at Rookery Bay in November

Ongoing Programs

Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

At Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, you can learn about environmental science and the natural world through actual hands-on experiences with marine life touch tanks, exhibits and coastal habitat displays. The two-story modern visitor center is air conditioned and includes an art gallery, naturalist led programs, gift shop, nature viewing platform over the water and more!

Kids and grown-ups alike can explore the center and discover the plants, fish and wildlife that call Rookery Bay Research Reserve’s 110,000 acres home. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for kids 6 – 12, and free for kids under 6 and Friends of Rookery Bay members. Located at 300 Tower Road, one mile south of the intersection of US 41 and Collier Boulevard. Learn more and register for tours and events at Friends of Rookery Bay member discounts apply to most events. 

Naturalist Led Kayak Tours at Rookery Bay Research Reserve – All Year!

Join Rookery Bay Research Reserve for a kayak adventure into the beautiful backwaters of Rookery Bay Reserve with our exclusive partner, Rising Tide Explorers! All the guides are active local biologists, certified naturalists and certified kayaking instructors making them the most qualified guides in the region.

The whole family can enjoy a memorable and educational adventure into the estuary. With our kayak tours, guests paddle through beautiful mangrove tunnels, teeming mudflats and intricate oyster reefs while searching for amazing wildlife like sea stars, large snails, birds, dolphins and manatees! Book at

In the Rookery Bay Gallery – Annual Painting Exhibition

November 3, 2019 – January 9, 2020 • Included with Admission to Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center

The Friends of Rookery Bay and the United Arts Council of Collier County present the Annual Painting Exhibition with works submitted by artists from Collier and Lee counties. Following Rookery Bay’s environmental mission, works share a central theme of flora and fauna.


Birds of the Beach

November 2 • 8 am – 12 pm • $40

Registration is required

Southwest Florida is a critical stopover site for thousands of migrating and wintering shorebirds. In this class, Adam DiNuovo of Audubon Florida will discuss the life history of these birds and the amazing journeys many of them make annually. Winter shorebirds are notoriously difficult to ID, so practicing the skills learned in this class is essential.

You will learn how to use plumage, size, and behavior to help with identification. The classroom session will take place at the Rookery Bay Field Station on Shell Island Road. It will be followed by a trip to Tigertail Beach, one of the most important winter shorebird sites in Florida, where we will see many of the birds discussed. Be prepared to wade in water up to your knees, with adequate footwear that will protect your feet (no flip flops). Collier County beach parking fee applies ($8, free with sticker).

Science Saturdays

$5 Admission for adults, FREE for kids 12 and under •Facility is open 9 am to 4 pm

• November 2 – Sea Turtle Hurdles

• November 9 – So Much More than Seashells

• November 16 – Days and Days of Sharks and Rays

• November 23 – Skulls & Bones

• November 30 – Marine Mammal Marathon

At the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, Science Saturdays are sure to unleash your inner scientist or marine biologist with hands-on discoveries for all ages. Every Saturday a different theme at Rookery Bay, enjoy eco-crafts, a presentation, a featured film and our “Lessons in Laboratories” program from 11 – 11:45 a.m.

Lunch & Learn Lecture: Rookery Bay & the Next Generation of Scientists – Wading Birds Colonies and the Impact of Hurricanes

November 8 • 12 – 1 pm • $15, includes lunch

Registration is required

Please join us for the first in a series of five lectures – Rookery Bay& the Next Generation of Scientists – Making a Home at Rookery Bay: Wading Birds Colonies and the Impact of Hurricanes. Anne Mauro, Rookery Bay’s Avian Ecologist and Gina Cheadle, Florida Gulf Coast University student will co-present on the impact extreme weather has on wading bird colonies in Southwest Florida. The 2019-2020 lecture series focuses on key projects occurring at Rookery Bay and the collaboration of senior scientists and up-and coming young staff members or interns. During co-presentations of findings and information, the teams will highlight the importance of mentorship in science and how working together with today’s young professionals positively impacts the future of environmental ecology and conservation in Florida.

Girls in Science Slumber

November 9 –10 • Ages 8 – 14yrs • Drop off November 9at 5 pm Pick up November 10 at 8 am. • $60

Registration is required

Discover the nocturnal side of nature while camping with Rookery Bay Reserve Educators inside our Environmental Learning Center. This program will emphasize Southwest Florida’s unique ecological environment that we call home. Participants are required to bring their own sleeping bag/pillow. Pizza and light snacks are included.

Painting Annual Exhibition – Art Reception

November 14 • 5:30 – 7 pm • This is a Free Event. Open to the public.

Registration is required

Join us for the opening reception of our Annual Painting Exhibition presented by of the Friends of Rookery Bay and the United Arts Council of Collier County. Works are submitted by artists from Collier and Lee counties and juried. Following along with Rookery Bay’s environmental mission, works will share a central theme of flora and fauna. Most of the paintings are for sale. The opening reception includes wine and light hors d’oeuvres.

America Recycles Day

November 15 • BOGO Admission

Visit the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center for buy one get one free entrance on November 15 to promote the importance of recycling for our economy and environment. America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Each year, thousands of communities across the country participate by promoting environmental citizenship and takin action to increase and improve recycling in America.

Classic Car Show at Rookery Bay

November 16 • 9 am – 2 pm • $10

Registration is required

The Friends of Rookery Bay is teaming up with Island Automotive to showcase more than 40 of the coolest classic cars around at the Rookery Bay Environmental Center. The show is family friendly with kids’ activities and presentations. Attendees can also peruse a collection of mint car mascots and hood ornaments from the Jon Zuler collection.

Essentials of Digital Photography

November 18 • 9:30 am – 12:30 pm • $55

Registration is required

If you want to get the best pictures possible, and truly understand your camera’s features, this camera workshop is for you. The class covers the essentials of your digital camera. You will learn how-to use your camera’s shutter, aperture, ISO control and the drive modes to create images with impact and creativity. Sonny Saunders has over 35 years of experience in photography and instruction and is renowned for his ability to communicate to a wide variety of students.

Art After Dark November 2019

Our skies are transitioning from dramatic clouds and extreme sunsets to a less rainy time of year when visitors and part time residents come to be in our beautiful partof the world.

As the humidity drops, our skies clear to a storybook blue and our roads get busier. Changes are happening, some of which are subtle and some are more dramatic. We are fortunate as Naples boasts a number of wonderful artists that interpret the beauty around us in their own styles and mediums for all to see and appreciate.

One such artist is Phil Fisher, who has been living and painting in Naples for over 48 years. Our lovely dramatic skies are a favorite subject or element in his watercolors and oils created from the emotion he feels when experiencing it.

In fact, professional singer songwriter, Marie Nofsinger, recognized the importance of the skies he paints and wrote a song about his work titled “Phil Fisher Skies”. What a wonderful tribute!

You can see his work and see him painting daily at Phil Fisher Gallery, 810 12th Avenue South, Naples, or out on location interpreting a charming scene onto his canvas.

His work along with four other artists will be featured in a show called, “Naples, What It Used To Be”, opening with an artist reception from 5 to 8 PM on Sunday November 10th, in Crayton Cove, where 8th St. S. & 12th Ave. S. meet at the flagpole by the Bay.

Giving Tuesday an opportunity to provide education and hope for Immokalee students

By Dawn Montecalvo, President of Guadalupe Center

Naples is known for its beautiful beaches, brilliant sunshine, distinguished restaurants and luxury shopping.

Although most Neapolitans hail from different parts of the country, we share an appreciation for the finer things in life and are quick to count our blessings. The philanthropic culture here in Naples is second to none.

In the coming weeks, Naples area nonprofits will outline compelling cases for support, focusing on holiday and year-end giving campaigns as we approach Giving Tuesday on December 3rd. Those donations allow charities to continue their amazing work that improves our community as a whole.

Just 40 miles from the bright lights of Fifth Avenue South is the community of Immokalee, where an astounding 97 percent of students are classified as economically needy. Nearly two-thirds of Immokalee adults do not have high school diplomas, and fewer than 1 in 20 adults have earned bachelor’s degrees.

For the children of Immokalee, education is their way out of poverty, and Guadalupe Center is their vehicle.

The Center offers the only NAEYC-accredited Early Childhood Education Program in Collier County, an after-school tutoring, a summer enrichment program for students K-2, and a college-preparatory Tutor Corps Program. Combined, the three core programs serve more than 1,300 students annually.

Guadalupe Center’s results are outstanding. More than 95 percent of our pre-K graduates enter school having met or exceeded Florida’s kindergarten readiness standards and 100 percent of students in the after-school program show academic gains in reading and math.

An astounding 100 percent of Tutor Corps seniors graduate high school and are accepted into college, a statistic that dates back 15 years. Most importantly, 92 percent of our Tutor Corps students graduate from college, compared to the national average for minority students of less than 20 percent.

Guadalupe Center is transforming lives. Our Tutor Corps alumni are now gainfully employed as educators, health care specialists, engineers, public service workers and business leaders. Several have been accepted into prestigious medical and graduate schools.

Donors can feel confident that their gifts are making a difference.

Charity Navigator, which evaluates an organization’s financial strength, accountability and transparency annually, has awarded Guadalupe Center three consecutive 4-star ratings, the highest level of achievement. Our audited financial reports and IRS Form 990s from the past five years are posted online for public review.

Nearly three-fourths of Guadalupe Center’s annual budget derives from philanthropic support and grants. We are eternally grateful for the donors and partners that support us in our mission.

With Giving Tuesday on the horizon, here are four ways you can join us:

  • Make a gift: Visit Guadalupe to contribute any amount through a secure digital form. We are happy to help you with planned giving and endowed scholarship opportunities.
  • Donate in-kind: Guadalupe Resale Shop accepts donations of like-new furniture, home décor, kitchenware, artwork, lamps, linens, DVDs and CDs, books and all types of women’s and men’s clothing, including accessories such as jewelry, purses and nearly new shoes.
  • Volunteer: Mentors are needed to help guide our high school Tutor Corps students as they prepare for college and careers, and volunteers regularly assist Guadalupe Center staff in classrooms and at special events like “Buddy Day” at Hideaway Beach on Marco Island. We always welcome volunteers at our Resale Shop in Naples.
  • Partner as a sponsor: Businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals still have time to support our upcoming “Be Flamazing” Gala, Guadalupe Charity Golf Classic and other special events.

It’s important that you are able to give with confidence, give locally and help students realize their dreams. Your tax-deductible donations to Guadalupe Center truly are creating endless possibilities for students in Immokalee.


Drones. Quadcopters. ASUAVs. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These are all names for a class of FAA registered aircraft, the very mention of which will often spark spontaneous awe or anger in Neapolitans, especially when one appears in the sky seemingly out of nowhere.

These tools of modern technology present multiple benefits for society and business when deployed with a specific mission and when flown legally in responsible hands. Yet drones have gotten a bad rap.

My intent is to remove some of the stigma that surrounds the drone industry today. I am a FAA licensed Remote Pilot and have noticed that public opinion of my profession has been shaped almost exclusively from news reports of irresponsible recreational flyers operating over 400’ AGL into commercial airspace, concern about privacy violations, and damage or injury from the loss of control of a UAV. I understand.

When we see YouTube footage of a drone with a flamethrower mounted on it, or a drone crashing into a couple during their nuptials, we should be appalled. When Saudi refineries are struck – drones were allegedly involved.

The UAV industry can do a better job of promoting itself and highlighting that drones can be flown safely. Licensed drone pilots save lives every day where people and other vehicles cannot go.

Search and rescue operations regularly use Lidar and heat-sensing cameras to find missing persons in remote, densely covered areas.

Photogrammetry and Orthmosaics allow us to combine GPS geopoints with 4K photographs to create 3D models of commercial buildings, homes, golf courses, farms, ranches and much more. The resolution of these models allow an engineer or building manager to inspect in 360° revolving aspect any portion of a home or building down to the millimeter.

After a hurricane, simply run the scan again, and software will identify and highlight visible damage. Add infrared imaging and now moisture infiltration is revealed. Put a combination of these and other tools together and a tomato farmer can now identify a section of farmland that has become diseased from the comfort of his office.

For realtors, footage from one of our commercial grade Hexcopters with a 4k camera in the hands of our talented video editors can help showcase a home or commercial building in new and exciting ways.

While others may offer this service, our work is professionally edited, color corrected and optimized. Many homeowners, building managers and HOAs are now proactively mapping their buildings.

These highly detailed, three-dimensional snapshots allow need to know parties access to up-to date, accurate data immediately and remotely.

When I am not ortho mapping, I use a specialized drone to enhance my home inspections.

Drones were employed extensively in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. They are essential for search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, and post-storm damage assessment for private and public safety.

FAA Certified Remote Pilots are diligent, responsible, law abiding men and women. If you see one of us out there, please remember what you read here. Feel free to engage a drone pilot, but please wait until the bird has landed. Pilots are always happy to chat with nice people.

Reliable Inspections is Naples’ premiere home inspection company. 3D Aerial Imaging is also owned and operated by Rick Borman. We pledge to provide you our best on every inspection. We are never satisfied until you are. Our business philosophy is to combine customer-first service with a commitment to mastering the high tech tools that provide more complete information and accurate analysis.

Rick Borman | Owner Reliable Inspections of Naples and 3D Aerial Imaging239.778.1176 |

THE MAN BEHIND the Iron Joe Turkey Ride

By Catherine Faerber, Executive Director,
Naples Pathways Coalition

The Naples Pathways Coalition’s (NPC)Iron Joe Turkey Ride is celebrating an anniversary. The annual event held in Naples on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is now in its 15th year and has become a cycling tradition.

The ride’s origin began over 25 years ago with a handful of fellow cyclists riding a metric century (100 kilometers or 62 miles) to work off their Thanksgiving holiday feast. Later, a local bike shop informally sponsored a BBQ after the ride.

In 2004, NPC was founded and adopted the event, and it was aptly named in honor local world-class Iron Man triathlete, Joe Bonness.

In 1967 as a child, Joe and his family began vacationing in Naples and their love for the area had them extending their stay every year. After graduating from the University of Milwaukee with a degree in Archeology and Fine Arts and receiving his certification in road construction, he moved his wife Sue and their young daughter Maggie to Naples permanently in 1981.

Always a student and expanding his unquenchable desire for knowledge, Joe obtained numerous safety-based certifications from the Florida Department of Transportation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and sailing and cycling organizations. He went on to become CEO and president of numerous companies in every aspect of quarry operation and the road building industry that employed 350 people at any given time in eleven Florida counties.

With Joe’s knowledge and development of pedestrian safety action plans, 40 years of roadbuilding, and hands on traffic control, it is no wonder that his experience has “paved the way” no pun intended, for more than two decades of community service in Naples, focused on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

When Joe, an avid cyclist and runner, moved to Naples and began training for triathlons, he quickly realized that a majority of motorists in Collier County were unaware that walkers, runners and cyclists had the right of way on the road where sidewalks and bike lanes were not present. He then committed himself to furthering awareness by working with the local government by promoting safety education for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians while advocating for much needed sidewalks and pathways in Collier County.

Joe is a founding member, past president and current director of NPC and has served on the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee since 2005.

Below are some of Joe’s remarkable Ironman Triathlete achievements: Competed in 65 Ironman races, had55 podium finishes, his fastest time was 9:09, raced in the Hawaii Ironman World Championship 17 times and won 6 times in his age group, was the oldest overall winner of an Ironman distance race in 2007 at 52 years old, and set a world record in the 50-54 age group for Ironman with a time of 9:18 in 2005.

NPC invites everyone to come out and participate in the Iron Joe Turkey Ride on December 1st at Fit & Fuel in the Pavilion Shopping Center, Naples and meet Joe. We will be celebrating Joe’s passion for safe cycling with fully supported rides for all levels –62, 40, 20. There will be a 5-mile Family Fun Ride and a scavenger hunt, which everyone tends to enjoy.

Register today at you have more ideas to improve safety in our community? Contact me at Follow us on Facebook and learn weekly safety tips or drop us a comment by visiting,

Have you heard about the future Paradise CoastTrail (PCT)? It will be a 70 + mile pathway network designed to provide a safe network of multi-modal pathways, making Southwest Florida safer for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy for recreational fun or to travel to work. Make an investment in the future PCT by visiting

Moorings Park Grande Lake Takes Shape

The skyline on the south side of Golden Gate Parkway, between Airport-Pulling and Livingston Roads, has an exciting, new look to it these days as Moorings Park Grande Lake begins to take shape.

A topping off celebration was held in late summer on the community’s first phase of construction. Consisting of 47 residences, Phase 1 is slated for a Spring 2020 completion. Just a few select residences in this phase remain.

The 23 residences in Phase 2 were released for sale earlier this year. The majority of the floor plans in Phase 2 are the popular Brook model, which features a magnificent great room, master bedroom and bath separated from the guest suites, as well as private elevators that lead into residents’ private vestibules.

One penthouse in Phase 2 remains available with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, plus an amazing 7,863 sq. ft. of living area. Entrance fees at Moorings Park Grande Lake start at$1.5 million and are 70 percent refundable. Residents receive additional peace of mind knowing that their future is secure through Assisted Living and Memory Care services included with residency.

Moorings Park and London Bay Development Group have formed a partnership to create this new, outstanding Life Plan (CCRC) community in Naples. Combining an active, fun-filled lifestyle, with concierge healthcare that’s included and residences offering spectacular lake and golf course views, Moorings Park Grande Lake is truly the most anticipated residential community in Southwest Florida.

“Our mission is to ensure our residents live a longer, healthier and happier life,” said Dan Lavender, CEO of Moorings Park, Institute, Inc.

Moorings Park Grande Lake will feature a beautiful clubhouse which is the setting for a variety of casual and fine dining venues including a poolside bistro. A state-of-the-art fitness center with gorgeous lakefront views is the perfect place to start your active day.

Love the outdoors? Then be sure to check out the lakeside yoga pavilion or the boardwalk that surrounds the 28-acre lake. A best-in-its-class golf simulator, a theatre, and a salon and spa are all planned for the clubhouse.

With an eye toward today’s active retirees, a few of the additional planned outdoor activities and amenities will include lakeside parklettes, gardens, fire pits, overlooks, and several birdwatching posts, as well as bocce and pickleball courts.

The Moorings Park Grande Lake Sales Gallery is located at7330 Premier Drive in Naples, inside the entrance to Naples Grande Golf Club. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Information is available at, or by calling 239-778-9837.