by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Loyal auction devotees know a thing or two about the exquisite world of jewelry sales. Where else can one glimpse such jaw-dropping arrays of rare, important jewelry by designers of every era? High jewelry at auction may also have an intriguing provenance which adds to its charisma and value.



Buying at auction also means each item has been carefully vetted—a value added detail not lost on serious jewelry collectors. One of the auction world’s superstars is Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with a welcome presence right here in Naples. We recently had a chance to chat with Leslie Hindman’s director of Fine Jewelry and Timepieces Alexander Eblen. Auctions are a magnetic draw for jewelry aficionados. “Auctions are especially good for both discerning and serious collectors as well as for the casual jewelry wearer,” Eblen says. Clients with refined tastes find signed works by top houses especially the rarest gems that have been spared any kind of treatment. Another niche, Eblen points out is acquiring antique and vintage jewelry with wonderful top-condition period aesthetics. “Our auctions provide a meticulously curated environment where collectors can buy with confidence.”

Attending auctions can widen a collector’s knowledge base too. “For clients that know the value of their money and want to acquire fun and wearable jewelry at very fair prices, our auctions provide a transparent marketplace that often shocks first-time buyers with how reasonable lovely items can be had,” Eblen tells us.

The Naples woman enjoys a lively social life, and her style-sense is informed by a cultivated taste. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is that brilliant destination for all things luxe that complement her life—fine art, accessories for the home and of course storied jewels. Jewelry auctions occur in their other locations—but one can bid from remote of course. Stop by soon and say hello to the experts there and pick up a complimentary catalog. Discover why they are such an ideal fit for Naples.


SHOW ME by Randall Kenneth Jones

randy-jones-bookcoverNaples, FL – December 26, 2016 – Entrepreneur, writer, speaker and humorist Randall Kenneth Jones released his book titled SHOW ME on November 15th. Ten years in the making, SHOW ME is a compilation of interviews and whimsical anecdotes that showcase unexpected lessons from Jones’ screwball life juxtaposed against the humor, pathos and wisdom gleaned from his conversations with celebrities, business leaders, journalists, entertainers, sports legends and more.

Featuring a foreword by The Emily Post Institute’s Peggy Post and an introduction by Erin Brockovich, SHOW ME is described by New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich as “a bit David Sedaris, a touch Dale Carnegie, a dash of Janet Evanovich and a whole lot of Randall Kenneth Jones.”

With the help of his treasured gallery of informants, starting with the influences from his days as a showy-yet-sensitive bunny-fearing Missouri youngster to his completion of 100-plus discussions with a wildly diverse group of individuals, SHOW ME features interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary on Jones’ time spent with Brian Boitano, James Carville, Carl Edwards, Kathy Griffin, Jack Hanna, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Heloise, Hoda Kotb, Shirley Jones, Sue Monk Kidd, Mary Matalin, Colin Mochrie, General Barry McCaffrey, Suze Orman, Dr. David Perlmutter, Tommy Tune, Vanessa Williams and many more.

“Jones relates to my ‘business’—and so many others—by exploring basic moral, ethical and human values,” says NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Sonny Jurgensen. “He focuses on what we all have in common and not on our differences.” Rock music’s Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo describe SHOW ME as “…a joyous romp. A peek behind the curtain.”

As part of the launch, Jones plans to embark on a media and speaking tour to support the book, which he sees as an opportunity to spotlight a more personal side of the celebrities and executives to readers.

 “Randy takes ‘our’ Midwest upbringing and applies it to his writing. He sees the positive in people—he focuses intently on his interviewees and their stories,” says Erin Brockovich. “He tells it like it is, but does so with respect and grace.” Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran adds: “Randy has created a literary Dancing with the Stars. Wickedly funny, yet profoundly touching! SHOW ME is Shark Tank meets NASCAR meets Broadway meets The Partridge Family.”

SHOW ME is published by Smart Business Books, Cleveland, OH.

About the Author

Randall Kenneth Jones, who lives in Naples, has built a marketing and public relations portfolio that includes many household names from the national retail, publishing and consumer products and services industries. Randall supports the local arts by participating as an actor at the Sugden Theater along with other endeavors. He has also enjoyed his work with the Naples Press Club, and supporting the children’s cancer charity Sunshine Kids. Randall looks forward to being an “auction item” with the Latchkey Leagues “Fire and Ice Gala” to be held on January 17, 2017.

Whether writing, speaking or consulting on creativity, Jones’s platform is unwavering. His ongoing mission supports positive communication, creative thinking & innovation, authentic self-expression and HUMOR.

A Show Me State native, Jones is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia. 


Conflict Resolution or just Fagetaboutit

Sandra Lee Buxtonby Sandra Lee Buxton

A new year and a new attitude, or maybe just a new perspective. I decided to make this Conflict Resolution Month perhaps you’ll take up the cause as well. We’re all familiar with conflict, have experienced it and dealt with it differently with each passing decade of life. What was a hot button in our 20s is barely recognizable in our 40s, and after 50, well, who cares! That’s the way it should be, we sort out”stuff” differently and determine what really matters.

Learning to manage emotions and conflict will have a positive impact on your overall relationships and certainly your health. Conflict happens between two individuals (or groups)when they perceive that there is a lack of compatibility between each person(s) goals and objectives. There is usually the belief that one person is interfering with anther’s attempt to meet their own goals, often resulting in a “who’s right” standoff. So ask yourself,what is the source of this conflict and does it even matter? There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, it’s when we meet our needs at the expense of anther’s that a problem develops.

Once identified, it is important to deal with conflict early and directly so that parties don’t become so married to their positions that the ability to hear another is lost.Unless a situation involves legal matters or ethical/moral issues, negotiation is usually possible. It starts by acknowledging that barriers to agreement exists but start with commonalities and negotiate the difference.

Behaviors are very telling in dealing with conflict,some show concern for others and some show concern for self. Obviously if it’s “all about you” then resolution is impossible. If concern is for “self” then discussions will be in the competition or fight mode. This actually is more about one’s ego and the situation at hand has lost its significance.

So let’s bring up emotional intelligence (EI). This relates to the capability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions and sort out the different feelings labeling them appropriately. It is said that people who have high EI have greater mental health, job performance and leadership skills. They also have more friends since most of us choose to live with one another in a civil manner.Those with low EI are what is considered a “whitewater” personality, always keeping things stirred up regardless of how it affects those around them. For some very obvious reasons they have issues with relationships across the board.

Resolving conflict with a person who lacks empathy and utilizes poor listening skills is a challenge indeed.But take the high road and don’t write them off without hearing them out. They could have information that you have not yet considered and in fact it may alter your own position. The bottom line is this is a new year, let’s make an effort to have less conflict by making better choices.


The David Lawrence Center, Collier County’s only comprehensive, not for profit mental health and addiction treatment facility serving children, adults and families, will host its 2017 annual fundraising gala “Magical Musical Tour – Dancing Through the Decades,” on Friday, January 13, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Beach Resort (280 Vanderbilt Beach Rd) in the main ballroom.
The exciting new event theme “Magical Musical Tour – Dancing Through the Decades” was inspired by the Center’s nearly 50-year history. This signature event promises a memorable evening of dining, dancing and fundraising in celebration of the Center’s five decades of serving the mental health and addiction treatment needs of our community. The event is sure to be an evening of fun with a world famous, fabulous band and live entertainment inspired by the 1960s to today. Whether you like swing, Motown, rock or disco there will be something for everyone. The fun won’t stop with the music and entertainment as guests are encouraged to dress in decade-inspired cocktail attire.
David Lawrence Center’s annual gala, a premier, award- winning event in Naples, is a critical component of the Center’s efforts to provide world-class, comprehensive prevention, intervention and treatment services right here in our community. Last year alone, more than 9,000 children and adults benefited from over 220,000 treatment services and demand is growing as the community continues to grow. Proceeds from the gala will help the Center continue to deliver help and hope to thousands of children in need and enhance early intervention strategies. Gala Co-Chairs include Jill and Michael Basden, Jackie Cronacher, Sheila Johnson, Sue Lennane, Linda Richards Malone, Vickie Nolen, Caroline Ridgway, Wynnell Schrenk, Robin and Pat Stranahan, Christine Williamson and George Zundell. 
Co-chair Robin Stranahan who has served as a co-chair and gala committee member for more than 10 years, stated, “There are hundreds of charitable organizations in our community that help make Naples a better place to live. However, with its ever increasing population, the critical needs of thousands of adults and children are rising at a staggering rate. Mental illness and addiction are two serious problems we must address by coming together to help those who cannot help themselves and providing them the best possible services.” She adds, “We are very fortunate to have David Lawrence Center in Naples providing top quality professional care that is available to everyone, but they need our financial support to continue their mission. The gala is a great avenue to help raise that support.”
Tickets to the event are $550 per person or $1,500 per patron (includes an invitation to the Patron Party at an Old Naples beachfront home on an evening prior to the gala). There are also a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 239.304.3505.

COMING FULL CIRCLE “The beautiful thing about life is you can change.” –Gene Reeves

by Kelly G Cooper


Gene Reeves grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. As an only child he learned how to entertain himself whether it was collecting stones and gems or playing the guitar, he was always active and creative. As Gene matured it was apparent he had a unique talent to perform, entertain and create memorable experiences for the lives of those around him. In his early 20s Gene began his professional music career, touring as an opening band for such well-known groups as the Eagles and Cheap Trick to name a few.

After several years of traveling and performing Gene felt it was time settle down and lead a more stable life. He decided to pursue his other passion within the arts where he completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program receiving the most prestigious credential in the industry. “So I cut my hair and put on a suit and started my next adventure.” He began working at a luxury retail dealer on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California and ultimately was promoted to Director of Operations of North America within the industry. As he attained recognition in his new craft his life took another unexpected turn. Gene was notified that his father passed away so he traveled back to Texas. As he was looking through his father’s belongings Gene found something that would change his life irrevocably. He came across an envelope addressed specifically to him enclosed with a letter, as well as a black and white photo of a lady and child. It was at this point when fate threw
him a curve ball and he embraced his destiny. Gene discovered his mother was in fact alive and living with a brother he never knew he had in Virginia. Stunned and in disbelief he came to another crossroad in life; rather than dwelling or questioning the past he chose to move forward and embrace the family he was now blessed with.

Established now in Naples, Florida Gene is flourishing personally and professionally. Appreciating his position as the Jewelry Director at Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops, he has the opportunity to share his technical expertise and practical skills. Whether a client purchases an engagement ring or a locket intended to be passed down over generations “it is a privilege to be a part of that moment where happy memories are created.” Just as Gene’s music brings joy so does the beauty in the art he sells. Gene Reeves truly is an inspiration not only through his life achievements but more importantly his attitude and values. “Just as a blank sheet of paper evolves into a beautiful work of art, a diamond starts from an element deep within the earth and over time evolves into a precious stone.”
Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops
5395 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34108


by Allen Weiss, MD, MBA, FACP, FACR
President and CEO, NCH Healthcare System

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution—the Exponential Age, where the merging of technologies is blurring thelines among the physical, digital and biological spheres and disrupting most traditional industries.

And especially, that includes healthcare. We will also share thoughts about other industries which will be disrupted much the way Polaroid and Kodak went the way of the blacksmith and farrier.

The first industrial revolution began in Britain in the late 18thcentury, with the mechanization of the textile industry. Tasks previously done laboriously by hand in hundreds of weavers’ cottages were brought together in a single cotton mill, and the factory was born. Water power, steam power, and machine tools facilitated the change. Simultaneously, the agricultural revolution added to the improved standard of living.

The second industrial revolution came in the early 20th century, when Ford mastered the moving assembly line and ushered in the assembly are these:

  1. Place the tools and the men in the sequence of the operation so that each component part shall travel the least possible distance while in the process of finishing.
  2. Use work slides or some other form of carrier so that when a workman completes his operation, he drops the part always in the same place—which must always be the most convenient place to his hand—and if possible have gravity carry the part to the next workman for his own.
  3. Use sliding assembling lines by which the parts to be assembled are delivered at convenient distances.

There is still some controversy as to the origin of the assembly line. Ransom Olds, who patented the assembly line concept, used it to build the first mass-produced automobile in 1901—the Oldsmobile Curved Dash.

Others had observed the Swift Slaughter House disassemble carcasses as they were butchered along a conveyor. All these interesting tidbits of information come from various places including the Henry Ford Museum in Ft. Myers.

The third revolution, accelerating in our current century, introduced digitalization of any number of things. Robots produced automobiles more efficiently, 3-D printers constructed parts and tools on demand, and venerable companies such Kodak and Polaroid were essentially put out of business. In healthcare, we have the new wearable devices which measure our daily walking distance, blood sugar, etc. as well as the use of the internet for teleneurology to quickly diagnose and treat strokes with better outcomes than traditional face-to-face care.

And now comes the 4th Industrial Revolution, where the fusion of technologies in healthcare has led to pressing questions revolving around the potential benefits and pitfalls of transparency. For example, does the publication of hospital, healthcare system, and physician metrics help or confuse as people select better quality, improved safety, and less expensive care, translating to better outcomes for themselves?

As transparency takes hold, assisted by the digitalization of healthcare and motivated by higher out-of-pocket costs for those insured with commercial insurance plans such as Florida Blue, Aetna, United, etc., questions like these are increasingly debated.

In other industries consider the changes. Uber, which claims tobe in 66 countries and 449 cities, is now the biggest taxi company in the world. Uber doesn’t own a taxi—it is a software company. When Uber combines with autonomous cars aka driverless or self-driving cars, a few more industries in addition to the taxi/limousine industry will be disrupted.

You won’t want to own or drive a car any longer. You will call up a driverless car with your cell phone, put in your destination, work on your laptop or watch a movie while riding, and arrive safely at your destination. You won’t need to park your car, and you only pay for the car when you are using it. Cities will convert most of the parking to parks and playgrounds, kids won’t ever get a drivers’ licenses, and we will need 90-95 percent fewer cars.

Of particular note is the disruption to the insurance industry as the number of auto accidents drops to 10 percent of what we experience today. Worldwide 1.2 million people die yearly in auto accidents. The trauma avoided helps in so many good ways— suffering lowered, accidental deaths avoided, medical costs reduced. Subsequently, the restructured insurance industry will be able to offer auto insurance at 10percent of the current charges.

The car manufacturers are taking note as most depend on planned obsolesce of the vehicles they sell. Tesla, Apple, and Google are taking the revolutionary approach, whereas the traditional builders of oversized gas consuming SUVs and light trucks are still happily playing in traffic.

In the future automobile manufacturers will be rewarded for how long their cars run, not how quickly they need to be replaced.

There is still more disruption coming for the learned professions. IBM’s Dr. Watson made a public debut winning at Jeopardy, but really a much more important use is for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Watson’s view is based on all available medical knowledge. Human doctors can’t possibly hold this much information in their heads, as knowledge changes over time.

Dr.Watson knows it all and never overlooks or forgets anything. Dr. Watson is accurate and consistent. Given the same inputs, Dr. Watson will always output the same diagnosis.

Inconsistency is a surprisingly large and common flaw among human medical professionals, even experienced ones. And Dr.Watson is always available and never annoyed, sick, nervous, hungover, upset, in the middle of a divorce, sleep-deprived, and so on.

Dr. Watson was very expensive to build and train, but once  it’s up and running the cost of doing one more diagnosis with it is essentially zero, unless it orders tests. It has very low marginal cost. And the Doctor is international and multilingual. Over 70 percent of the world will have easy access via mobile technology.

Dr. Watson has also completed law school and has a 90 percent accuracy when answering a legal question as compared to 70 percent accuracy when done by humans. Currently, law school graduates already are struggling to get meaningful jobs.

Talk about further disruption of a profession.3-D printers are already fabricating implantable replacement parts for tracheas, surgical back implants, and soon many more biological and human replacement parts. These printers are also changing industry because many previously hand- or machine-milled parts can be fashioned precisely when needed and customized easily and less expensively than ever before.

We do live in a brave new world which is embracing the fourth industrial revolution. We are reliving Charles Darwin’s famous pronouncement, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

I didn’t say everyone was going to be happy with the change, but we are survivors and have been increasing our life expectancy by three months per year. The fourth industrial revolution will help everyone live a longer, happier, and healthier life.


by Beth Brainard
Executive Director of NPC

While there is much attention given to traffic laws pertaining to motorists and bicyclists, little is said about the laws governing pedestrians, a category that includes walkers, joggers and runners.

Some may surprise you. For example, did you know that if there is a sidewalk, pedestrians must use it, and if they choose to walk in the street they are breaking the law?


  1. Pedestrians must obey traffic signs and signals, which means if you cross at an intersection, say at 5th Avenue S and 8th Street, when the pedestrian signal is red – you are breaking the law.
  2. Upon legally entering a crosswalk, pedestrians have the right of way over vehicles including bicycles. However, it is illegal for a pedestrian to suddenly move into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield.
  3. Pedestrians crossing the street at any point other than a marked crosswalk or intersection must yield to vehicles including bicycles.
  4. It is illegal to cross an intersection diagonally, except where indicated by signals.
  5. Pedestrians walking in the street must walk against traffic. It is the opposite for bicyclists who must legally ride with traffic.
  6. It is illegal for pedestrians to stand in a roadway to solicit a ride, employment, or business.
  7. And just for good measure, it is illegal for pedestrians to jump or dive from a publically owned bridge.


Sidewalks are a shared space, regardless if they are private ways in your development or public thoroughfares downtown. No one group owns them, so while there is no law against a cranky pedestrian playing chicken with an oncoming mom pushing a stroller, common courtesy calls for the pedestrian to give way.

It is illegal for motorists and bicyclists to wear headphones or ear buds when operating their vehicles, but it is not illegal for pedestrians to wear them as they walk or jog down the street oblivious to everything around them. It should be illegal.

A mounting body of research points to the dangers of distracted walking. According to a report by The Ohio State University,accidents involving pedestrians using mobile devices have more than tripled since 2004. Common sense dictates that if you don’t want to get hit by a car or run over by a bicycle, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Groove with your ear buds while you layby the pool.

If you want to learn more about bicycle and pedestrian laws you can find the Complete Florida Statutes text at: Look forTitle XXlll, Chapter 316.

Balance for Fitness in 2017

by Paula Allia PT, DHSc, MTC, OCS

Happy New Year!

Now is the time to get yourself on track to be the best YOU that you can be. Pondering New Year’s resolutions is common in the month of January…so what are you going to do?

There are thousands of people that will either join a gym, vow to use a membership that has been carried for years (but not used), or vow to eat healthy. All of these goals are great to do. In actuality many resolutions fail in the first month so wouldn’t it be better if an overall lifestyle change that could be kept was considered?

No matter what you do, in 2017 you will all be one year older. The best thing you can do is to get strong, keep muscles tone, and keep the body fat in check. Find your imbalances and set goals to address them.

One thing that surely decreases with age is balance. Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium in which one is in control. This holds true for the body; if someone is too far out of balance, falls may occur. So you see, balance is needed in all aspects of life.

Balance is needed in everything but real balance is a combination of systems in the body that are orchestrated to work together.There are joint and muscle sensors that provide information to the brain with regards to stretch, tension, and muscle activation. Kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness provide information regarding joint angles and where our body is in its space.The neuromuscular system provides input to the brain and back down to the muscles to help them activate appropriately for posture and functional movements. The vestibular system and vision provide balance information as well.

Balance occurs when these systems provide information to the brain in a coordinated manner so that the bodycan make the subtle changes necessary to stay balanced. If, for example.someone has a forward head posture this means that the center of gravity of the head is anterior to the line of gravity that transects the body. If this occurs, the back extensors have to work harder to maintain good posture. It is not uncommon for people to state that this good posture is hard. In actuality if one would stay balanced through life this posture is easy. It is only when one gets too far out of balance that they indeed have to work harder to maintain the balanced body. If the proper areas of the body pass through the line of gravity then muscles would not have to work so hard. Only when out of the line of gravity does one have to muscle the posture.

So how can you gain a better balance? First, stimulate your balance centers to be more aware of positioning. Secondly, strengthen the muscles in your body that work in a coordinated manner in not only a forward backward position but in a side to side manner as well. Balance yourself for success! Do not take on too much too soon but start to become more body aware. Observe your body. Identify what you are having issues with and then embrace the challenge to improve yourself. No matter what your age is, imbalances exist everywhere. The longer one is out of balance some muscles become more facilitated while others become inhibited.

It is time to make a difference in your own life to help yourself. Too often people wait until symptoms of imbalances become evident and then patience wears thin. Address your issues now with achievable goals. Regain your body awareness, exercise all muscles and get them working in a coordinated fashion to avoid excess wear and tear on certain muscle groups. Remember, the body likes the balance of systems. Take action today and grant yourself the best New Year’s resolution yet….that you will put effort into helping you find ways to help yourself in your deficient areas.

Here’s to your Health!

Fitness Together
335 14th Ave South
Naples, FL 34102

Finishing Touches Ensure that the 2017 NWWF is Poised for Greatness


With just six weeks until the gavel comes down to begin the auction, plans are now complete for the 2017 Naples Winter Wine Festival, the most successful international charity wine auction in the world. Teams of top vintners and celebrity chefs have wrapped up their food and wine pairings for each of the 18 Vintner Dinners, and an incredible collection of more than 60 one-of-a-kind auction lots have been finalized.

The final list of auction lots rounds out what is already a stellar array of wine, travel and luxury experiences. Bidders with a taste for faraway travel can stake their claim on a 14-day trip through Europe aboard a private jet visiting Norway, Romania, Croatia,Italy, Spain and Monaco…all culminating in a two-night stay at Château Rauzan-Ségla in Bordeaux. Other exclusive wine opportunities await winning bidders with an incredible collection of Château Cheval Blanc and Château d’Yquem that includes six Imperials, 12 Magnums, six bottles and a stay for two couples at both estates. They can also look forward to a priceless collection of over one hundred 100-point wines including 13 Magnums, alongwith a custom-built wine cabinet with two Sub-Zero wine coolers crafted by Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild. Similarly dazzling luxury is available right in Naples with two weeks at a magnificent beachfront estate in Port Royal, accompanied by two sunset yacht cruises, spectacular dinners and other surprises.

“We are ready to go! After a year of planning, my co-chairs and I can’t wait to kick off what will be three days of amazing food and wine experiences, as well as awe-inspiring generosity on the part of our big-hearted trustees and patrons,” said Denise Cobb, co-chair of the 2017 Naples Winter Wine Festival.

“Together, we plan to raise millions of dollars and make the biggest possible impact for kids in need.”


Following months of collaboration, celebrity chefs and world famous vintners from across the globe are putting the finishing touches on their menus and wine pairings as they prepare to deliver one-of-a-kind meals for guests at the Festival’s Vintner Dinners,each more dazzling than the last.

Guests will savor creations from the culinary talents of 18 all-star chefs, all designed to pair perfectly with a selection of the attending vintners’ first-class wines. It is an experience that can’t be missed.Guests to the Festival will also be invited to explore the Festival’s charitable impact at Meet the Kids Day. This crowd favorite event features informative presentations, meet-and-greets and personal stories from children whose lives have been impacted, so guests know just how their donations will be used to better the lives ofunderprivileged and at-risk local children, thanks to grants andstrategic initiatives from the Wine Festival’s founding organization,the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF).

Every dollar raised under the auction tent benefits NCEF, whose annual grants have provided more than 200,000 children with the services and resources they need to excel. Since its inception, the Festival has provided more than $146 million in support of this crucial mission.

Ticket packages to the Naples Winter Wine Festival are almost sold out. The NWWF is limited to 580 guests, starting at $10,000per couple. A $25,000 package is also available that includes reserved seating for a party of four at a vintner dinner and under the tent.

For more information about the Festival, please contact Barrett Farmerat or 239.514.2239.


by Juliana Meek and Kristine Meek

Dear Artsperts:

We’ve just moved into a condo facing the beach and we love having the view and the sunlight, but worry about damaging our artwork that’s on paper (watercolors and pastels) and we don’t like the reflection.

Is there anything we can do?


Blinded by the light

Dear Blinded,

I have great news for you; there is a solution to your problem! The latest in acrylic glass is called Optium Acrylic Glazing, a product by TruVue ( Unlike regular acrylic (often called Plexiglas), Optium Acrylic is UV protected,anti-reflective and anti-static. All acrylics are lightweight and abrasion-resistant.

Optium Acrylic is not cheap and not easily available. Most frame shops in town can special order a piece for you and Gregory Frame Shop at 3rd Avenue North in Old Naples keeps Optium Acrylic in stock.

A two-by-three-foot sheet of Optium Acrylic will cost about four times as much as Museum Glass. But if you have an expensive or important work, it is worth the price.

TruVue coats both sides of the acrylic sheet with anti-reflection coating; the result is a protected work that doesn’t look like it is behind any protection. Note the difference in the two works on paper photographed here.

The work on the left is a work by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso and is protected with the Optium Acrylic; the work on the right is a pastel by Richard Segalman and is behind regular glass. See the difference in reflection on the one on the right and also note the one on the left looks to not be covered at all.

Since regular acrylic creates static that pulls pastel and charcoal from the paper, glass has always been required to exhibit these static-sensitive pieces. Optium Acrylic is 2000 times less static than regular acrylic and ideal for exhibiting pastels.

Glass is also twice as heavy as Optium Acrylic and will scratch and shatter. Optium Acrylic is abrasion resistant – you can take a piece of steel wool to it and it will not mark – though at such a high price I wouldn’t recommend testing it! This makes it easier for shipping a work as it doesn’t require film or glass skin protection when shipping a work.

The product is ideal for works that are 40” x 60” or smaller, for shadow boxes, and any artwork that would benefit from reflection-free viewing. It also provides 93 percent UV protection – the highest protection today.

Cleaning Optium Acrylic is easy with ammonia-free cleaner and a soft cloth. Given that all the works in the art collection at the Loos Gallery at the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples are protected in Optium Acrylic (all the Optium has been donated), the staff at C’MON canattest to the durability and easy cleaning nature of Optium. They can also tell you how the kids go right up to the paintings – putting their noses to the glass since they don’t see that there is any protection.

Now you can enjoy both the setting sun and your artwork!


The Artsperts