NCEF 2016 Social Impact Report

Wine Festival logo captureLargest Funder of Social Services in Collier County Filling a Critical Void

“In a county with no independent, tax-based, public financial support for children’s social services, our community relies on the support of generous donors who attend the Naples Winter Wine Festival and give substantial sums to improve children’s lives,” said Maria Jimenez-Lara, CEO of the Naples Children & Education Foundation. “Our research tells us that we’re changing outcomes for at-risk and underprivileged children in Collier County, and it’s imperative that we continue filling this critical void.”

Key findings from the Social Impact Report show that NCEF’s investments have been life-changing for hundreds of thousands of at-risk and underprivileged children and their families. Driven by independent studies commissioned by NCEF showing gaps in basic social services for Collier County’s kids, NCEF has made informed and research-based philanthropic investments with the goal of erasing these gaps.As a result, the Foundation has given grants to more than 40 organizations in Collier County, improving the lives of nearly 68,000 children with access to enriching after-school and summer programs; advocating for over 47,000 children with shelter, crisis counseling, mentorship, and other basic essentials; educating nearly 36,800 children through high-quality early childhood programs; and promoting healthy living by providing critical medical services to 37,000 children county-wide.

In order to ensure that NCEF is efficiently meeting the community’s most urgent needs, it also created seven multi-partner, multi-year strategic initiatives, convening a coalition of partners to work together in innovative ways. In the last five years alone, these strategic initiatives have made a dramatic difference in closing service gaps and improving outcomes for children:

  • The number of children entering kindergarten “on grade level” has increased by 42% Naples Winter Wine Festival logo 2016
  • School suspension rates have decreased by 65%
  • The graduation rate for at-risk youth has improved by 20%
  • Juvenile arrests in Collier County have been reduced by 62%

NCEF’s strategic initiatives have also had an impressive cumulative influence. Since the first strategic initiative was launched in 2006, each one has had the following impact:

  • Children’s Healthcare (est. in 2006) – 107,150 pediatric visits have been completed in a culturally competent setting, allowing the community’s underserved children to get the medical attention they need in their own community.  Before this project, Immokalee children had to travel to Naples and Fort Myers for primary and specialty health care.
  • Children’s Oral Health (est. in 2006) – 94,000 at-risk and underprivileged children have visited the NCEF Pediatric Dental Center, and 3,000 children were screened through a special mobile clinic. This Initiative mitigated the “catastrophic crisis” in oral health care for children in our community. This initiative allowed for uninsured and those on Medicaid to access pediatric dentistry without having to travel out of the county for basic dental care.
  • Children’s Mental Health(est. in 2007)– $6,500,000 has been spent on identifying and alleviating children’s mental health issues through the integration of primary and behavioral health services. Through this innovative project, children in need can now access mental health care that was otherwise not available county wide.
  • Children’s Early Learning (est. in 2008) – 1,250 children ages birth-5 years old have gained access to high quality teachers and affordable, education-focused care. This in turn has impacted the number of kindergarten students entering school “ready to learn.”
  • Children’s Hunger (est. in 2011) – $3,030,000 has been allocated to Harry Chapin Food Bank of SWFL and Meals of Hope to alleviate food insecurity (the fear of not knowing where your next meal will come from). Thousands of families to date now rely on centralized and consistent food distribution centers that provide nutritious food.
  • Children’s Out-of-School Time (est. in 2012) – 8,000 children have participated in innovative, groundbreaking programming to close gaps in education during after-school, holiday, and summertime hours. This Initiative has narrowed the achievement gap tremendously, elevating test scores, improving school attendance,  increasing the number of high school graduates and the number of graduates that go on to post-secondary education.
  • Children’s Vision (est. in 2012) – 20,000 children have been screened for vision problems and 7,000 eye glasses have been distributed to children in need. School teachers and administrators report great improvement in academic performance, behavior and classroom participation, thanks to children being able to see properly with their new eyeglasses.

“We take our role seriously as the largest funder of social services in Collier County, and we are committed to meeting the needs of our community,” said Susie McCurry, 2017 NCEF Grant Committee Chair. “When given the right tools, children have a remarkable ability to overcome difficult odds. We will continue working to ensure that every child gets the opportunities they deserve to succeed in life.”

About The Naples Children & Education Foundation

The Naples Children & Education Foundation, the founding organization of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, is committed to improving the educational, emotional and health outcomes of underprivileged and at-risk children. Through its annual grants and strategic initiatives, NCEF has impacted over 40 of the most effective nonprofits in the community, providing more than 200,000 children with the services and resources they need to excel. For more information about NCEF, please visit



High-Tech Hair Transplants Seek to Vanquish Baldness

Kent Hasen-logo-blueNo one really wants to go bald. More than $1 billion is spent every year in the U.S. on hair restoration surgery — and that amount doesn’t even include the money spent on anti-balding drugs, such as Rogaine® or PROPECIA®.

The desire to reverse hair loss – which is really a cosmetic concern in the vast majority of cases – also helps explain why researchers put so much behind it. Millions of dollars go toward developing advanced hair loss treatments or even a cure for baldness.

As it turns out, the creation of a hair follicle at the beginning of each growth phase presents unique opportunities for applying advanced molecular biology medical techniques, such as cloning and gene therapy. In fact, cloning and gene therapy are the future of hair restoration treatments.

The operative word is “future”: They aren’t ready for primetime yet. Instead, the most recent advances in hair transplant surgery focus on applying technology to existing procedures. The days of hair plugs and snake oil-esque creams that promised hair growth are over. And so, for the most part, is the sense of skepticism that once surrounded the hair restoration field. Science has ushered in a new outlook on hair loss by reversing it without painful surgery or obvious scars.

One of those methods, introduced a little more than 5 years ago, is NeoGraft®, an automated system that extracts 3 to 4 follicles at a time with no visible scar or lines at the donor site. Essentially, the procedure uses a small circular punch with suction to remove individual hair follicles – a technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE). A physician then meticulously transplants the micrografts into the balding areas.

Man in mirror iStock_000024492416_FullDr. Kent V. Hasen, a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading hair transplant specialists near Fort Myers, uses the NeoGraft system at his practice. “The NeoGraft system automates the FUE process, using pneumatic pressure to extract the individual hair follicles,” he says. “NeoGraft improves efficiency, comfort, and viability of the follicles. After FUE with the NeoGraft system, the hair follicles are transplanted into the recipient site using FUT [follicular unit transplantation] to ensure natural results and excellent graft-take.”

What’s next for hair restoration? It may very well be robots. The ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system, introduced a few years ago, gives the physician more dexterity and versatility during a procedure, with video imaging, motion tracking, and 3D image-guided programs to extract follicular units.

The ARTAS system can’t be used on all hair types, though, and some physicians combine NeoGraft with the robotic system. Patients appear to be very satisfied with the results, too. On RealSelf, an online forum that connects people interested in cosmetic procedures with board-certified specialists, both NeoGraft and ARTAS have “worth it” ratings of 96%, based on user reviews. The average price of hair restoration surgery using the ARTAS system is slightly more than $12,000. NeoGraft comes in at an average of about $9,000.

For now, NeoGraft and ARTAS are the newest options available to hair transplant patients. But Dr. George Cotsarelis, the director of the Hair and Scalp Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, says more advances are on the horizon. “In the last 5 to 7 years, there has been a boom in the understanding of hair loss,” Dr. Cotsarelis tells WebMD. “We’ve made great strides at the level of basic research. Now the question is how we can convert these findings into clinical benefits. Those kinds of leaps really take decades.”

The Amazing Power of an Apology

An apology is more than words. It reflects a remorseful heart and can change your life. Almost magically, a sincere apology has the power to repair harm and mend relationships. This means not blaming anyone else or not making excuses for what you did. While you can’t undo the past, you can communicate regret and acknowledge any injustice you might have caused.

We say “Sorry but…” or “Sorry if I offended you.” These are not authentic apologies since they cleverly shift the conversation. Like it was not my failing, but your thin-skin. Most of us do not apologize at all. We wait for things to blow over. We try to make amends without offering an apology.

In the classic Iliad, after Agamemnon took Briseis from Achilles, he tried to appease Achilles’ wrath by offering to her along with great wealth. But in the words of Maimonides, “Someone who injures a colleague or damages his property does not attain atonement, even though he pays for what he owes, until he conprofessor Coxfesses.”

A simple apology has three components: name the offense, say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness. The effect can be remarkable. You will both likely go on to be closer than before. Your life will be happier if you cultivate repentance. When you apologize, you open the door for mercy and mercy brings peace.

So make it a habit to apologize. Most people gain some empathy and compassion during the process. Apologies, when sincere and intentional, can be extremely healing. Actual positive physical effects can be measured- blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows and breathing becomes more steady.  Chose a path of love above pride. Choose a path which heals. Choose to apologize.

Jane Cox PhD, ARNP is Executive Director of NCH Community Home Care, a home health registry in Naples, FL. Her academic appointments include Instructor of Community Health for FGCU and Chair of the Doctorate in Nursing Science Advisory Council at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN.

Baby Basics 2016 – 2017 Calendar of Events

Baby Basics has given out over 6 Million Diapers in Collier County and Bonita in the last 12 years, come and celebrate this success and help raise money to take care of MORE babies.

Baby Basics Annual Champagne Brunch Fashion Show
November 4, 9:30 doors open and 10:00 our event begins
The venue will be jewelry from Bigham and fashions from J&K and Wildflower in Venetian Village
$95.00, which will include the event and also provide diapers for one baby for one month.
(We cannot list the place in the media due to a contract we had to sign with Royal Poinciana. So just please put for further information call: 239 352-4310 JA Lynch)
Checks can be mailed to: Camille Supplee 8677 Gleneagle Way Naples, FL 34120

Annual Baby Basics Walking Challenge
January 21, registration at 8:30
North Collier Regional Park
Refreshments, entertainment and a real family event
Registration: $25

6 Million Diaper Celebration Concert
Feb. 12, 3:00 Naples United Church of Christ
Featuring outstanding musicians from the Naples Philharmonic and including
Dan Miller and the Youth Jazz Band
Tickets: $35 for the concert
$100 includes concert, VIP seating and the after concert party with cocktails and heavy appetizers

Baby Basics Waterside Brunch and Champagne
Spring date TBA
Waterside Shops

International talent at 17th Naples Winter Wine Festival

Naples, FL – August 9, 2016 – This January, Naples will spotlight some of the most impressive food and wine talent across the globe at the 17th annual Naples Winter Wine Festival, scheduled for January 27-29, 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, FL.More than 30 of the world’s preeminent wineries will be pouring at the Festival, representing 12 wine producing regions, five countries and three continents. Culinary giants with a collective 11 Michelin Stars, 13 James Beard Awards, and 10 James Beard Award nominations will prepare unforgettable meals for guests to enjoy.

Leading the lineups are Chef de Cuisine Wolfgang Puck and Honored Vintner Pierre Lurton, both world-renowned for their contributions in food and wine. Several others participating this year have been longtime supporters of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, including celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, multiple James Beard Award nominee Richard Reddington, and Michael Tusk, whose restaurant Quince was awarded two Michelin stars. Vintners representing acclaimed wineries in the Old and New World, such as Chateau Haut-Brion, Colgin Cellars and Staglin Family Vineyard, will return to the Festival yet again to lend their support to the many children in need in Collier County.

“The fact that so many gifted vintners and chefs are lending their time and talent to the Naples Winter Wine Festival is a testament to their immense generosity and affirmation of the tremendous impact we’re having in our community,” said Jeff Gargiulo, co-chair of the 2017 Naples Winter Wine Festival. “The entire community is excited to welcome this impressive lineup to Naples this January.”

On the Festival’s first evening, guests will be chauffeured to one of 18 intimate dinners hosted by Festival Trustees in private homes throughout Naples. There they will savor multi-course meals, expertly prepared by these famous chefs and designed to pair perfectly with a selection of the attending vintners’ first-class wines, an experience that can’t be missed.

“The Vintner Dinners are the pinnacle of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, an evening that makes this Festival truly exceptional,” added Jeff Gargiulo.

Guests to the Festival will also have the chance to bid on an impressive array of wine and travel experiences, each notable not only for its uniqueness and luxury, but also for its connection to a good cause. Since the event’s inception in 2001, the Naples Winter Wine Festival has raised more than $146 million for its founding organization, the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF), which has awarded grants to more than 40 non-profit organizations that have impacted the lives of over 200,000 children.

Ticket packages to the Naples Winter Wine Festival, limited to 580 guests, start at $10,000 per couple. A $25,000 package is also available that includes reserved seating for a party of four at a vintner dinner and under the tent. To inquire about tickets to the Festival, please contact Barrett Farmer at or 239-514-2239.

About the Naples Winter Wine Festival

The Naples Winter Wine Festival is the most successful international charity wine auction in the world, bringing together renowned vintners and chefs with wine enthusiasts and philanthropists for a three-day Festival that raises millions of dollars for underprivileged and at-risk children. Every dollar raised under the tent funds the Festival’s founding organization, the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF), whose annual grants and strategic initiatives have provided more than 200,000 children with the services and resources they need to excel.  For more information, please visit

Celebrity Chefswill prepare multi-course meals for intimate Vintner Dinners hosted by Festival Trustee

  • Angelo Auriana of Officine Brera in Los Angeles, California
  • Colin Bedford of The Fearrington House in Pittsboro, North Carolina
  • Tom Colicchio of Crafted Hospitality in New York, New York
  • Cassidee Dabney of The Barn at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee
  • Dean Fearing of Fearing’s Restaurant in Dallas, Texas
  • David Féau of Wally’s Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California
  • Ryan Hardy of Charlie Bird in New York, New York
  • David Kinch of Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos, California
  • Gerry Klaskala of Aria in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Francis Mallmann of Bodega Garzón in Garzón, Uruguay
  • John Minas of The Edison in Tallahassee, Florida
  • Nancy Oakes of Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco, California
  • Enrique Olvera of Pujol in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Wolfgang Puck of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide in Los Angeles, California
  • Richard Reddington of REDD in Yountville, California
  • Missy Robbins of Lilia in Brooklyn, New York
  • Michael Tusk of Quince in San Francisco, California
  • Dustin Valette of Valettein Healdsburg, California

Featured Dinner Vintnerswill pour during intimate Vintner Dinners hosted by Festival Trustees

  • Daphne & Bart Araujo of Accendo Cellars in Napa Valley, California
  • Alejandro Bulgheroni of Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate in in Napa Valley, California
  • MarilisaAllegrini of Allegrini in Valpolicella, Italy
  • Anne-Caroline Biancheri of Antucura in Mendoza, Argentina
  • PieroIncisadellaRocchetta of Bodega Chacra in Patagonia, Argentina
  • ElisabettaGnudi of BorgoScopeto&Caparzoin Tuscany, Italy
  • Sandrine Bégaud of Château Canon / Château Rauzan-Ségla in Bordeaux, France
  • Pierre Lurton of Château Cheval Blanc / Château d’Yquemin Bordeaux,France
  • TuridHoelAlcaras of Château Haut-Brion in Bordeaux, France
  • Dimitri Augenblick of Château Cos d’Estournel in Bordeaux,France
  • Ann Colgin& Joe Wender of Colgin Cellars in St. Helena, California
  • Tim Mondavi of Continuum Estate in St. Helena, California
  • Shahpar&DarioushKhaledi of Darioush in Napa, California
  • Louis-Michel Liger-Belair of Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair in Burgundy, France
  • Guillaume d’Angerville of Domaine Marquis d’Angerville in Burgundy, France
  • Grace & Ken Evenstad of Domaine Serene in Dayton, Oregon
  • Peter Sisseck of Dominio de Pingus in Duero River Valley, Spain
  • Leslie & Rich Frank of Frank Family Vineyards in Calistoga, California
  • Gaia Gaja of GAJA in Piedmont, Italy
  • Valerie & Jeff Gargiulo of Gargiulo Vineyards in Napa, California
  • Pamela & George Hamel, Jr. of Hamel Family Wines in Sonoma, California
  • Deborah & Bill Harlan, Will Harlan and Amanda Harlan of Harlan Estate in Oakville, California
  • Olivier Krug of Krug Champagne in Champagne, France
  • Barbara Banke of Lokoyain St. Helena, California
  • Béatrice& Laurent Drouhin of Maison Joseph Drouhinin Burgundy, France
  • Ali & Charles Banks of Mayacamas Vineyards & Winery in Napa, California
  • MadaiahRevana of Revana Family Vineyard in St. Helena, California / Alexana Winery in Newberg, Oregon
  • David Duncan of Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville, California
  • Shari &GarenStaglin of Staglin Family Vineyard in Rutherford, California

Featured Luncheon Vintnerswill pour during a luncheon after Meet the Kids Day

  • Gail & Carmen Policy of Casa Pienain Yountville, California
  • Ann & Dick Grace of Grace Family Vineyards in St. Helena, California
  • Elaine & Rick Jones of Jones Family Vineyards in Calistoga, California
  • Maurice Marciano of Marciano Estate in St. Helena, California 

Vintage Cellar Vintnerswill pour at the special pre-Festival Wine Tasting and Luncheon

  • Deborah & Bill Harlan, Will Harlan and Amanda Harlan of Harlan Estate in Oakville, California



Tommy Bahama notes 21st Charity Golf Tournament

Tommy Bahama 21st ANNUAL COCONUT CLASSIC                                     TB_Golf Classic Series Logos
The Club at Olde Cypress | Naples, FL
OCTOBER 17TH & 18TH, 2016
to benefit

CELEBRATION DINNER Monday October 17th | 5:30 pm
& AUCTION: Tommy Bahama Restaurant-Bar-Store | Third Street South
CHECK-IN: Tuesday October 18th at the Clubhouse | 9:30 am
SHOT GUN START: 11:00 am
FORMAT: 4 Person Team Scramble                          Garden of Hope and Courage Logo

______The Birdie of Paradise ($10,000) ______The Island Cowboy ($3,750)
______The Big Kahuna ($6,500) ______Flag Sponsor ($150)
______The Marlin ($5,000) ______Additional Dinner Guest ($75)
______Foursome($1500) ______Individual Players ($400)
REGISTRATION & SPONSORSHIP: Shalyn Ormsby: Shalyn@GardenOfHopeAndCourage.Org | 239.434.6697
Would you be willing to donate an auction item to our exciting live or silent auction? ______

How The Rich And Famous Travel

The thought of Kanye West catching a bus to go to a music studio or Steven Spielberg cycling to the Hollywood Studios seems strange. That is because the rich and famous have always found eye-catching ways to travel.

Read on to find out about how having deep pockets can make travelling a lot more interesting.

Private Jet

A private jet is a must-have vehicle for any celebrity who wants to travel the world away from the prying eyes of the public and to avoid standing in line at the airport. Famous jets include the private plane of the Sultan of Brunei – which is fitted with solid gold washbasins – and the US Presidential plane Air Force One. The President’s plane includes fully-fitted conference rooms, full flights of stairs and even an operating theatre in case the President falls seriously ill during a flight.


Limousines have been used by the rich and famous for over a hundred years. They have been the transport of choice for everyone from Hollywood actresses such as Audrey Hepburn to mega-platinum musicians like Lady Gaga. Spacious legroom and champagne on ice make riding in a limousine a truly A-list way  to travel. Nowadays limo hire in Perth is inexpensive, so limousines can be enjoyed by anybody.

Whether taking a bride to a wedding ceremony or taking a stag party around the city,limousines are a fantastic way to travel in style and comfort. Why not hire a limo in Perth from Limousine Royalty for the next special occasion?

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest street car in the world and can reach speeds of up to 430 km/h. The different Veyron models cost between $2.2 million and $3.5 million dollars, so don’t expect to be able to afford to buy one anytime soon. That is the price before adding in the costs of running and maintaining the Veyron. Pop royalty Beyonce spent $2.6 million on a Veyron for her husband Jay-Z’s 41st birthday, which is not a bad present at all.

Space Shuttle

This may sound like it is too good to be true, but space tourism actually exists. In 2001, entrepreneur Dennis Tito became the first ever self-funded space tourist when he paid an eye-watering $26 million dollars to spend 8 days aboard a space shuttle as a crew member.

Whilst space tourism is definitely out of range for ordinary people at the moment, Virgin Airlines boss Richard Branson has launched the Virgin Galactic space program and eventually aims to make space travel available to as many people as possible. Who knows, in a couple of decades it may be cheaper to fly to the Moon than Morroco.

Some of the ways in which the rich and famous travel may be out of reach, but there are many ways for ordinary people to travel in style too!

Avow Charity Golf Tournament 2016

The Avow Open Charity Golf Tournament draws over one hundred players and attracts influential business professionals, community leaders and philanthropic donors together in support of Avow’s mission.

Avow golfersEvent Details:

Avow Open Charity Golf Tournament

Monday, October 24, 2016

Audubon Country Club

9:00 a.m.Registration, auction, raffles

1:00 p.m. Lunch, award presentations

When You Partner with Avow Foundation:

  • You help improve quality of life for hundreds of adults and children living with serious and terminal illness
  • You help support family and other caregivers of patients in our palliative care and hospice programs
  • You help comfort the grieving through supportive counseling, groups and workshops designed to help children and adults in the community suffering from any kind of loss
  • You are associated with a trusted source with a history of caring for Collier County since 1983
  • You can be confident that 100% of donated funds and event proceeds are directed to patient and client care in our local community.

We invite you to join us for this year’s adventure! See accompanying pages to learn more. 

Major Event Sponsorships

Becoming a major event sponsor provides you the best opportunity to reach out to our community of supporters.  All major event sponsors receive community exposure through our comprehensive marketing strategy.  All sponsors will be recognized in the following ways:


  • Your name or the name of your business will be featured on Avow’sevent web page Recognition may include hyperlinked recognition.
  • Your name or the name of your business will be shared as part of Avow’s social media messaging efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

At the Avow Open

  • Opportunity to place one giveaway item in golfer goodie bag
    due to Avow staff by Friday, October 21.
  • Inclusion of your name, logo or other branding in audio presentations.
  • Inclusion of your name, logo or other branding on each table at lunch

In Your Home or Place of Business

  • You will receive a personalized sponsorship acknowledgement suitable for display at your choice location.

Advertising (Ad inclusion may be limited based on the timing of your commitment.)

  • Your name or the name of your business will be included inSpotlight Magazinethrough all three of their local bi-monthly publications (Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples) in the months of September and October 2016.

Local Media Announcements

  • A list of confirmed major sponsors will be included in Avow Open-related news releases distributed by Avow Communications staff. NOTE: Editorial appearances and content decisions are determined by each news media. 

Major Event Sponsorship Levels

Golden Bear………………………………………………………………………         $6,000

Reception Sponsor

  • Foursome in tournament and lunch for four
  • Sponsorship banner at registration and lunch with your name or business name
  • Presence of an exhibit/greeting table near silent auction items
  • Your name or business name on scorecard
  • Verbal recognition during lunch reception and option to address crowd

Top Tiger: …………………………………………………………………………        $4,000

$25,000 Hole-in-One Sponsor

  • Foursome in tournament and lunch for four
  • Exhibit/greeting table with signage at Hole 3
  • Logo on scorecard
  • Verbal recognition during lunch and option to present prize to potential winner

Hagen’s Hero……………………………….……………………………………..        $3,500

Beverage Cart Sponsor

  • Foursome in tournament and lunch for four
  • Logo recognition on beverage carts
  • Opportunity to add your branded materials on carts (napkins, straws, cups, etc.)

Perfect Palmer……………………………………………………………………         $2,000

Photograph Sponsor

  • Foursome in tournament and lunch for four
  • Branding opportunity on photos or frames
  • Exhibit/greeting table with signage at clubhouse to meet and greet with players as they collect photographs

Prize Player……………………………………………………………………..…        $1,500

Prize Sponsor: 3 Available

  • Foursome in tournament and lunch for four
  • Branding opportunity for the prizes to the following contests:
    -Putting contest
    -Closest to the Pin
    -Longest Drive 

Additional Opportunities

Hole Sponsor……………………………………………………………………..        $100

  • Signage at one hole on a first come, first serve basis
  • Opportunity to include an item in golfer goodie bag

Underwriting/ Marketing

Underwriting direct expenses is an excellent opportunity for maximizing your tax-deductible gift. These gifts have flexible spending amounts.  Please work with Avow’smanager of events to build a solution that’s right for you. Your commitment will be recognized at our event.

Opportunities include:

Golf Sponsor:                                  $5,000

            Social Sponsor:                              $3,000+         

Goodie Bag Sponsor:                   $1,500            SOLD

            Auction Sponsor:                           $1,000

            Towel Sponsor:                              $750

            Awards Sponsor:                           $500

2016 Avow Open Charity Golf Tournament

For more information, please contact Kayla McCloud at the Avow Foundation

(239)430-3195 or

Storied Jewels – Life in the Facet Lane

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

There’s an entire world of reasons why people collect jewels; one could say there’s a unique motivation driving every collector. Accessories make a woman feel a certain way; cherished, or self-expressive, and whimsical or powerful are just tipping the iceberg.


The motif of a certain piece can also be a potent draw to jewelry fans when something truly resonates with thoughtful collectors. This month, we’ve cast our gaze in the direction of the artful craftsmanship found in this carved gemstone brooch. For some of us, the sight of carved precious gemstones used in any form is an infrequent occurrence.

Transparent stones can of course be carved into sumptuous designs like this elegant doggie. But it takes a masterful artist to pull this off, naturally. One slip of the hand and its greatest potential is lost forever.



Our particular brooch features a multi-color tourmaline. Some stones like the tourmaline are discovered with more than one color on a single crystal. This is because there were trace elements of other minerals in the area where the stone was forming. The result is always unique; so the talented artist can exploit this fascinating detail in a well thought out design as you see here.


Is there another narrative to be told here, besides the nod to dog lovers? Absolutely. We dug a little deeper to learn the back-story of the creation of this delightful brooch. “We love that brooches are making a comeback,” notes couture designer Myriam Gumuchian, the creator of the Horus brooch.

“The dog brooch represents one of the four sons of Horus,” Gumuchian explains, referring to an ancient Egyptian religious belief, “who protected the vital organs of humans. The dog [deity] protected the stomach, and represented the “top dog” status of first place in any competition.” It’s the rich nuances behind jewelry like this piece that add a deeper layer of appreciation for serious collectors.


One of Naples most knowledgeable retailers, Bigham Jewelers understands the serious collector and what echoes with her or him. Classic craftsmanship, utilizing old-world techniques and quality gemstones certainly tops the short list. Add a delightful sense of charm to that list and you’ll discover something like the Horus brooch. Bigham Jewelers offers an array of high jewelry by Gumuchian, fancy that!

The concerns of Fracking


Fracking is the use of a high pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals that is injected into a horizontal well to encourage the flow of natural gas and petroleum in the well. The problem arises that through this process both the chemicals and some of the gas finds its way instead into the water table (and in the case of Florida most likely the aquifer system).

The aquifer system is where most of the water for Florida and several other states is taken from and the most worrying byproduct of fracking that makes it into the water is methane. In West Virginia (where quite a bit of fracking has taken place) there are problems with the water and methane mixture making its ways into people’s homes and therefore their tap water can be set on fire.

In Florida the wastewater concerns would be even greater as our area is part of a watershed that goes from Orlando to the Everglades as well as the Corkscrew watershed. This translates to all of the fracking wastewater running directly into the Everglades given time.

Some important information about Florida legislation on fracking can be found here:
The flip side of all of this of course is fracking could be an important piece of the puzzle towards energy independence and in the short term stands to make money both for landowners with oil on their land and oil and gas companies. This group does a particularly good job of outlining the benefits: