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Naples Mayor Bill Barnett – January 2019

As Mayor riding in parades has always been a favorite of mine. My two all-time favorite parades are the St. Patrick’s Day parade and our City of Naples Christmas parade which took place on December 11th. Many years ago, when my grandchildren were parade riding age I had no problem finding willing riders. After all there aren’t a lot of kids […]

The Problem with Resolutions

Many of us mark the beginning of the new year as a time for big life change. We plan to exercise more, eat healthier, stress less, save more, spend less, etc. Those are certainly great changes to incorporate, but do we need to wait until January every year to make them? Do we throw in […]

Sparker’s Soapbox…sandy parkers’s got the scoop

ENCOURAGING AND FACILITATING INFORMED VOTING AND CIVIC PARTICIPATION FOR COLLIER COUNTY VOTERS Sandy Parker, who writes and publishes the Sparker’s Soapbox blog to encourage and facilitate informed voting in Collier County, cited these comments among others she received recently as proof that  people want to know more before they vote. And it’s her mission to do all she can to help. Parker launched Sparker’s Soapbox in 2010 […]

2019 Naples Winter WINE FESTIVAL Once in a Life Time Experiences

Imagine winning a yacht cruise through the Caribbean, taking a snowmobile safari under the Northern Lights in Finland, or wining and dining through Italy’s scenic countryside. These lots and more will be among the many spectacular offerings auctioned off at the 2019 Naples Winter Wine Festival, taking place from January 25-27, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida. […]

STRAIGHT TALK BY President and CEO, NCH HealthcareSystem

When success and selflessness come together, communities and institutions benefit. NCH was conceived and supported for over sixty-three years by altruistic folks who wanted to help fellow citizens in their community benefit from local hospital care. Our mission has evolved from being a traditional repair shop to an innovative system focused on prevention, just as our facilities have grown and transformed from a frontier […]

Bascom Palmer … the pillars of progress

Innovative treatment options, research, education and community outreach  will produce a result that improves the quality of life. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Naples offers expanded services that include comprehensive “pillar programs” in cornea,  glaucoma, retina, pediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastics and clinical research. Through these pillars, the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Naples is able to provide all ophthalmic specialties under one […]

How Do Mosquitoes Impact life in Collier County

Most Americans today have lost their fear of mosquitoes. The bothersome insect is seen mostly as a pest that ruins a morning walk with the dog or a peaceful sunset on the beach. Rarely do people today respond to mosquito bites with concern for their health. Yet, the tiny mosquito kills more than 700,000 humans worldwide annually, making it the deadliest animal on […]

Connecting Students to Nature a Partnership – Naples Zoo & CCPS

by Kelsey Burr, Naples Zoo Marketing Associate Education is at the heart of Naples Zoo’s mission. We want to inspire visitors to respect, value, and help conserve wildlife and our natural world. The best way to fulfill that mission is to connect children to nature at a young age, and foster that connection throughout their lifetime. One way we […]