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What If?

What if the Wright brothers never imagined flight? What if Edison hadn’t discovered the light bulb? What if our ability to create was stifled? America has been a leader in innovation since the beginning, American ingenuity and entrepreneurship are the reason we are a world economic leader. Imagination is what built our country.

Innovation drives our industries and creativity gives us the edge needed to solve world problems. When our government officials want to revamp the educational system to expand STEM courses (science, technology, engineering and math) and de-emphasize the arts and humanities, it seems to be for good reason.

It is through arts and humanities that we learn about ourselves, we develop a better understanding of how people and societies work and what they need and want.

The arts and humanities power culture. They are the heart and soul of a person and STEM is the body.

Working together, they create a whole, innovative, and creative human being that can apply critical thinking skills needed to succeed in our ever changing world.

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